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Dc motor controller of voltage stability

by:Hoprio     2020-07-29
The dc motor controller is widely used in many industries, not only is its advantage, and it has a big role in the number of devices. So in use process, how to stable voltage of the motor controller? 1. Under the magnetic pole pole shoe to join the benign permeability material, reduce the clearance excitation magnetic field. In the field current is small can achieve output saturation state, thus ensuring to stabilize the output voltage. 2. The generator controller automatic excitation regulator, because it is better on the excitation characteristic, and can be constant reactive power, constant power factor adjustment, to improve the stability of the dc motor controller and transient response ability is better. 3. Using impedance load after the fever, has the characteristics of nonlinear resistance, make the field excitation characteristic of resistance line and section has larger Angle, so that the dc motor controller when you can love in low voltage, can stabilize the working point. Above all, want to stabilize voltage of the dc motor controller, at the time of use, by adding magnetic materials, reduce the distribution of magnetic field in a way that a stable voltage.
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