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Dc motor controller is the encounter of fever?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-26
When the dc motor controller starts heating temperature rise of the temperature more than standard, what should we do then? Dc motor controller is the cause of the fever and processing is as follows: 1. As a result of the power supply voltage is too low, under the rated load caused by temperature rise too high. Methods: measurement of no-load and load voltage. 2. Fever caused by poor ventilation or environment humidity is too high. Methods: its ventilation and fan to clean up, and by strengthening ventilation to reduce temperature ring. 3. Fever caused by overload or single phase operation. Processing method: clamp type current meter were used to detect the phase current, and then suit the processing. 4. Due to frequent starting or amounts of positive &negative cause fever. Methods: reduce the number of positive &negative, or replacement to frequent starting and positive &negative dc motor controller. Above is the cause of the fever and dc motor controller, hope to help everyone.
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