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Consulting clients often some of the brushless motor controller and conversion unit

by:Hoprio     2020-08-10
As a brushless motor company an employee, especially a member of the Marketing Department, will encounter a variety of customer consultation. Every customer of brushless motor controller parameter expression is not the same. We usually meet below this kind of situation.

power: the Chinese at this point is very unified, usually use & other; W” For units, such as our B5685M brushless dc motor controller can reach 70 w, with abroad & other; hp” This unit is very much also, there are not commonly used units. Below is the unit of power conversion.

torque, torque is an important unit of the brushless dc motor controller, which is what we call the motor controller, the force is expressed in the torque in English. In our current experience, is the most commonly used unit of NM and Kgf. cm。 There are some similar unit, the conversion is as follows.

model aircraft exterior rotor brushless motor controller of a unit: KV value, such as the 4000 KV, is refers to every 1 v voltage, higher speed 4000 RPM. If it is DC12V power supply, the highest speed of motor controller will at 48000 RPM.
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