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Brushless motor controller, what is the connection way

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
Our company is specialized in the brushless motor controller manufacturers, the company has a professional staff, by the below small make up a simple introduce you to the brushless motor controller connection method.

the brushless motor controller has three root coil wire, hall 5 root, lead the eight lines must be and corresponding lead one to one correspondence of the controller, motor controller can't normal rotation. In general, 60 degrees and 120 degrees Angle brushless motor controller, and at the same time has to be 60 degrees and 120 degrees Angle of brushless controller to drive, two phase Angle controller cannot direct swaps. 60 degrees phase brushless motor controller with 60 degree Angle 8 lines connected to the controller of the correct connection there are two, a forward, a kind of inversion.

for 120 degree phase brushless motor controller, by adjusting the phase sequence and hall coil lead wire of the phase sequence, motor controller 8 lines connected to the controller of correct connection can have six, three kinds of connection motor controller is turned, the other three kinds of joint inversion method of motor controller. If inversion of brushless motor controller, which indicates that brushless controller and phase Angle of the brushless motor controller is matching, it can be to adjust the steering motor controller: the brushless motor controller and the controller of brushless hall leads A and C exchange connection; At the same time the brushless motor controller with brushless controller of main line A and B exchange connection.
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