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Brushless motor controller of short circuit fault handling

by:Hoprio     2020-07-31
Brushless motor controller in use for a long time, will encounter all sorts of problems, if it is short circuit, motor controller, what should we do? Below small make up for it. 1. If it is the front of the brushless motor controller appear open circuit phenomenon, order will pick up good, then use insulating material packages, on insulating tube, and tie. 2. In view of the cage rotor broken cage motor controller, using welding, cold welding method to repair. 3. If a breakpoint in the tank caused, find the breaking point can be eliminated by group, and then connect the breakpoint, and check whether the insulation is qualified before use. 4. Because of turn-to-turn, interphase short circuit and grounding caused winding burned, need to update the windings. Above is the brushless motor controller of short circuit fault, I hope it can help you.
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