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Brushless motor controller is widely used in agv car, also known as the agv motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-22

don't know what agv motor controller? Then the agv car know? Yes, agv motor controller is applied to the agv car, and agv car shape you won't be a stranger. As shown in figure agv motor controller is the brushless motor controller. Because of brushless motor controller is widely used in agv car, so also known as the agv motor controller. To illustrate what is agv motor controller, small make up what is the first and you talk about agv car! ! ! ! Agv car main function in the industrial application of logistics hub in the unmanned, automatic handling, to achieve lower production costs, improve the industrial economic efficiency purposes. Agv along the intended route automatic driving, to carry goods or materials automatically from the starting point to destination, and the motion of the agv path can be changed and flexible, if equipped with loading and unloading mechanism, and other logistics equipment automatic interface, realize the goods and material handling and handling the whole process of automation. Type agv car in developing step by step, into different types. According to different purposes and product structure of AGV, the classification of AGV car there are many kinds of ways. By more than a few agv car as you can see it on the appearance of the volume are relatively small, and it can work requires a drive motor controller, so it will have to be a small motor controller, the brushless motor controller is the most appropriate choice. Brushless motor controller/AGV controller have naturally become the AGV car of choice. Brushless motor controller was able to meet the contemporary rise of Agv car, all thanks to the brushless motor controller has many advantages and outstanding features. So the brushless motor controller is rapidly becoming a high reliability, high efficiency and high power, small volume of intelligent equipment selection object. Agv motor controller in the wide speed range offers plenty of torque, and with a brush motor controller (similar of torque and speed performance curve characteristics Despite the motor controller can provide the more static torque) 。 AGV brushless motor controller due to eliminate the traditional dc motor controller used in reversing the reliability of the brush and significant. A brush motor controller because the brush wear, reduce the performance of the motor controller, using soon must be replaced. Instead, running in the rated parameter range, agv motor controller ( Brushless motor controller) The life expectancy of more than 10000 hours or longer. Compared with traditional device, agv motor controller ( Brushless motor controller) Life, and then reduced the cost of maintenance and spare parts can offset the higher initial cost of motor controller.
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