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Brushless motor controller is equipped with braking case

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

brushless motor controller is equipped with braking case brake and braking device or the brake device, in many motor controller can see the figure above. Motor controller with brake device can make the power controller of static down quickly, and stationary objects, both for production after the blackout in an emergency, or need some fast static precision devices, brakes are indispensable components. So whether brushless motor controller can be equipped with brake? The answer is yes you can add the brakes. In fact the brushless motor controller structure with many motor controller, are composed of stator and rotor, just cancel the physical carbon brush to digital signal control. And the principle of the brake is passed to the clamp of the stator, the end of the stator to achieve the purpose of braking. Brushless motor controller is no exception. But due to the characteristics of the brushless motor controller is the fuselage volume is small, the brake device is installed on the outside of the motor controller commonly, like some body volume larger motor controller, such as the three-phase asynchronous motor controller is the controller of brake is usually installed inside the motor controller, look not to come out from the outside is equipped with brakes. Brushless motor controller we itself since the match but can be equipped with brake, can also according to customer's requirements, customized with the customer selected brakes. This need to technology and hardware need not I say more. Each brake trunnion, install aperture, braking and braking principle is different, need according to the brake motor controller to a certain degree of change, or inadequate hardware technology factory couldn't do it, or are equipped with braking effect is not good, after using a few times will deformation broken these situations are common. So choose to add the brake and is a special brake, please select the brushless motor controller. Below is customized brake add to our brushless motor controller instance of the figure. Want to know about the brushless motor controller equipped with braking case, can call the brushless motor controller equipped with braking case hotline:. Or on the official WeChat public number: tcmotor. The official website of [ www。 tcmotor。 com]
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