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Brushless motor controller industry development present situation

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

brushless motor controller industry current situation of the development of motor controller is a kind of using the interaction of electric and magnetic energy conversion and transmission of electromagnetic machinery, general motor controller including motor and generator controller. Motor absorb energy from the power system, the output mechanical energy to the mechanical system, various types of motors are widely used in the national economy departments as well as household appliances, mainly as a drive all kinds of mechanical equipment; Generator controller from mechanical energy absorption of mechanical system, the output power to the power system, generator controller and other related equipment technical progress, people can use the heat energy, hydropower, nuclear energy, and energy such as wind, solar, biomass power generation, to the national economy departments and the broad masses of urban and rural residents to provide the necessary power. Motor controller industry in China after years of development, has formed a certain industrial foundation and industry structure, and has achieved a certain scale of production, industry entry barriers have significantly higher than a previous day. In 2016, according to figures from the National Bureau of Statistics, the motor controller manufacturing enterprises in our country the number to 2849. In the whole motor controller in the industry, most of the ac motor controller occupies the output. The specific data, 2008 - 2016, the ac motor output growth is affected by macroeconomic fluctuations are more obvious. Ac motor production in China, 2016 to 2. 7. 8 billion kilowatts, fell 1. 7%. Countless motor controller is the controller the 'new man' of the industry, into the country's history is not long, and more motor controller is the high price, but due to the obvious advantages, brushless motor controller rapid development momentum. After entering China, quickly by household appliances, automobiles, ships and machinery and other industries preferred, and a place in the various industries, the rapid development. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, since 2010, the brushless motor controller industry revenues in successive years increases, 2016 in 189. 200 million yuan, rose 22. 3%. With the improvement of people's living standard and the development of modern production, office automation, household appliances, industrial robots and other equipment are more and more tend to high efficiency and miniaturization, high intelligence, as an important part of actuators, motor controller must have a high precision, high speed, high efficiency, etc, the application of brushless dc motor controller and rapid growth. At this stage, though various types of ac motor and dc motor in the drive application dominate, but brushless dc motor is widely attention. In the next few years, our country the market prospect of the brushless dc motor controller is more optimistic.
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