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Brushless motor controller in the progress of the application of hand-held rechargeable drill

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
As one of the business areas of the application of dc motor controller, electric tool huge demand attracts many motor controller manufacturers. Than other compared to dc motor controller is a high-end brushless motor controller, also hope to be able to conquer this one industry, share the profits. According to the characteristics of the brushless motor controller products, portable rechargeable drill is expected to become the first to be conquer the fort. Hand-held rechargeable drill is mainly composed of dc motor, gear, power switch, the battery pack, drill chuck, chassis, etc. More for screw, wood screw, self-tapping screw, etc of screwing in and turn the operation, can also be used for all kinds of metal, wood drilling. It USES batteries, usually DC7. 2 v - 18V。 And other electric tools, high speed large torque is brushless motor controller used on hand-held rechargeable drill must solve the problem. 18 v paragraph with a hand-held electric drill parameters, for example, As shown in figure) , in its efficiency and load speed is 15000 RPM, and load torque of 136 MNM, output power 360 w, and the motor controller does not exceed the outer diameter of 40 mm. According to the data we can find that to solve the problem of high torque high-power brushless motor controller, the key is to control current, in the case of a certain voltage, electric current is too large heat serious burn the drive components will cause the motor controller. If the external drive, we can solve this problem very well, just so the brushless motor controller built-in drivers have the advantage of lost. However, the application of science and technology constantly improve, step by step to conquer difficulties and brushless motor controller is the most effective method in the process of application. Hope our engineer can eventually find a solution, which would hold the characteristics of the brushless motor controller built-in drivers, and can make the hand-held electric drill for superior performance, perfect match!
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