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Brushless motor controller and a motor controller of the difference

by:Hoprio     2020-08-01
Brushless motor controller and a motor controller is the difference between the many. Small make up to introduce below. 1. Scope of application: brushless motor controller is used to control the demand is higher and higher speed of equipment, and a brush motor controller is used for power equipment usually use. 2. Service life: generally the service life of the brushless motor controller in the tens of thousands of hours of the order of magnitude, and motor controller because of the need to replace the brush, so life in more than a few hundred to 1000 hours. 3. Use effect: brushless motor controller USES the digital frequency conversion control, with the advantages of strong controllability, easy to implement from a few rotations per minute (RPM), to the tens of thousands of revolutions per minute. With motor controller after the start, the work speed is relatively constant, speed is not very easy, series motor controller can reach 20000 RPM, but the short service life. Above is the brushless motor controller with motor controller of the differences.
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