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Brushless motor controller, a new type energy saving brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-19

the brushless motor controller, new energy-saving brushless motor controller in today's increasingly serious environmental pollution, people have overdraft of the environmental resources to develop production from the past, and now pay more and more attention to improve the environment, energy conservation and emissions reduction, environment friendly enterprise can gain more national policy support, to achieve rapid development. Especially industrial enterprises, industrial enterprises, is completely regardless of the ecological environment and resources, creating havoc in exchange for high-speed development, but over time, growing problems left over by history, is the most direct embodiment of sandstorms and fog in the north, the environmental monitoring report every day now, qualified or not qualified, need not to need face mask out of the door, these are the people care about. So in the present serious environmental damage, people have pay more and more attention to improve the environment, common development with environment, not damage the environment for development. So how can you do to improve the environment? How to transform the enterprises become environmentally friendly enterprise? It's need to start from the source. In our country, coal accounted for 75% of total generating capacity, 28% higher than international level, as is known to all, coal gas emits a lot of pollution, the pollution is the main cause of the haze weather. Therefore, energy conservation and emissions reduction, one of the important steps is to improve the environment. Many industrial enterprise boss know should transition, to cooperate with the country's policies to improve the environment, but they don't know where to start. In fact the most simple way to be energy-saving. Are now used in many industrial enterprises are still in the old old motor controller, think not bad is not changed, cost savings, use fixed number of year for a long time, but in fact the motor controller inside the coil and components ageing, will lead to power consumption increase, over time, enterprise's power consumption will increase, pressure is bigger in the environment. So the power part of the innovation is a great event looming. So what motor controller was able to meet today's productivity to energy conservation and emissions reduction again? Brushless motor controller, a new type energy saving brushless motor controller is the best source of power. Brushless motor controller can be used, the dc or ac power supply to meet the different needs of various industries, at the same time, the volume of a brushless motor controller than with power of the motor controller is little more than 30%, the installation is more convenient and reasonable. Most importantly, brushless motor controller of electric energy conversion rate of 80% or more, than the other 50% energy saving motor controller. Many people will ask, brushless motor controller can energy saving 50% is a what kind of concept. To need to operate motor controller industry for a long time, such as textile, fan, water pump, compressor, etc. , on power saving a year can recover the motor controller acquisition cost. Industry policy from the national level and China's small and medium-sized motor controller is mainly to promote energy-efficient motor controller, brushless motor controller is one of energy-efficient motor controller, brushless motor controller energy-efficient motor controller compared with ordinary motor controller, average fell by 20%, improve the efficiency loss 2% 7%; Super efficient motor controller is efficient to improve efficiency of the motor controller by an average of 2%. Energy saving motor controller system to implement strategy of saving energy and reducing consumption of national policy has had a huge impact. According to the provisions of the 1997 Kyoto protocol, all countries in the world at high pressure of energy conservation and emissions reduction, therefore energy-efficient motor controller respectively established in laws and regulations. In China, for example, in 2011 the national electricity consumption of about 4. 6928 trillion KWH, if the use of small and medium-sized energy efficient motor controller to improve the 4% computation, the national electricity saving 105. 1 billion KWH, can reduce 35. 49 million tons of standard coal, reduce 93. 47 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and 310000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions. So China attaches great importance to enhance the efficiency of the motor controller. However, small and medium-sized energy-efficient motor controller is rarely used in Chinese enterprises, penetration rate is very low. In addition, the motor controller in China before the industry on track for several years, good small and medium-sized energy-efficient motor controller mainly rely on import, the price is expensive, mostly because the production of small and medium-sized domestic enterprises energy-efficient motor controller 'deter' material cost was too high. But now China's motor controller industry has entered a rapid development stage, in either technology or productivity has caught up with the foreign's footsteps, so use energy-efficient motor controller especially brushless motor controller to reduce the cost of many, many, as long as firms could try to change, use the brushless motor controller, a new type of energy-saving brushless motor controller, then to China, and the whole earth will be a new change. Energy conservation and emissions reduction, starts from me, from the brushless motor controller, start new energy-saving brushless motor controller. Want to know more about the brushless motor controller, new energy-saving brushless motor controller, can call hotline: brushless motor controller. Or on the official WeChat public number: tenchmotor. [ www。 tcmotor。 com] Learn more about brushless motor controller, and information about new energy-saving brushless motor controller.
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