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Brushless dc motor microcomputer control

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
The previous article, small make up and share it with the structure of the brushless motor controller, perhaps you the microcomputer control of the brushless dc motor is less clear, so today emphatically discuss the microcomputer control of brushless dc motor.
since the 1970 s, the development of the computer industry by leaps and bounds, mainly manifested in its operation speed faster and faster, more perfect functions, and its volume is more and more small, the price is cheap, thus greatly with the rapid development of computer real time control, the application scope were over and the various subject areas.
( 1) Commutation control
according to the stator winding commutation way ( If use at phase or two in two equal) , first of all find out three magnetic steel rotor position sensor signal with 6 power tube before conducting the relationship.
( 2) Starting current limit
in the main circuit through the motor current is ultimately after resistance grounding
( 3) Speed control of
in the normal operation of brushless dc motor, as long as through control d/a output voltage, can the current control of the brushless dc motor to control the speed of the motor.
( 4) The implementation of PWM control
( 5) And reversing control
in general dc motor operation process, as long as change the polarity of the magnetic field direction or change the armature voltage, can change it. But these methods work in the brushless dc motor. Because of brushless dc motor flux is produced by permanent magnets, unable to change direction. Due to the unidirectional conductivity of the semiconductor, the power supply voltage reverse connection is not very convenient, so in this case, usually by controlling the change of the stator winding in order to change the direction of rotation.
( 6) The realization of the variable structure control before
has pointed out that the structure of the brushless dc motor controller ontology is the same as the permanent magnet synchronous motor controller, but no starting winding. Synchronous motor has a steady speed precision is high, it is the open loop control, simple and convenient. The brushless dc motor has the characteristics of the starting and speed control is convenient. So naturally associated with the variable structure control method, in the same control circuit to complete the above two kinds of operation modes.

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