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Brushless dc motor controller With the evolution of the brushless dc motor.

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Brushless dc motor controller and a brush dc motor compared with the infinite speed regulation, wide speed range, overload ability, good linearity, long life, small volume, light weight, large output, etc. Solve the motor controller exists a series of problems, are widely used in industrial equipment, instruments and meters, household appliances, robotics, medical equipment and other fields. At present, the mainstream of control method of brushless dc motor controller has 3 kinds: FOC ( Also known as the vector variable frequency, magnetic field vector oriented control) , square wave to control ( Also known as the trapezoidal wave, 120 °, six steps commutation control) And sine wave control. The advantages and disadvantages of the three kinds of control mode each have each, want to know more details on our official net cafe!
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