Committed to the development and manufacturing of high-quality high-voltage brushless motors and controllers.


Hoprio brushless controller is a control device that can be used to provide a closed-circuit commutation control signal for a three-phase brushless motor. At the same time, the mode can also control the speed of the motor and provide necessary protection to the motor. The brush motor controller is much more complicated. Simple variable speed control is possible. All important currents of dc motor controller are determined by a separate external resistor. The setting is relatively simple. The motor can be started and stopped. The start timing sequence can be completed by the power supply of the circuit. The two capacitors can be independently operated and controlled. Hoprio dc motor controller adopts new back-EMF commutation technology, which can provide the smallest non-jitter torque, can be controlled with maximum efficiency, and has commutation PLC, which can effectively suppress PWM spike noise signals

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