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Advantages of brushless angle grinder, angle grinder machine at Hoprio grinding tool factory:

High torque, high efficiency, long life, saving consumables and reducing overall production costs

1. Large torque: Because the brushless motor has magnetic force, the magnetic force is greater after being energized, and the brush itself has no magnetism. After being energized, the magnetic force and the brushless ratio are much worse, so the difference in torque is here.

2. High efficiency: The high efficiency comes from the fact that the brushless speed drop is small, the brushed speed drop is large, and all the efficiency is high when the brushless and brushed start-stop speeds are about the same. 30% more efficient than international first-tier brands

3. Long life: The life of the brush is limited by the wear of the carbon brush and the aging of the commutator. Generally, a machine can change the carbon brush once or twice, and the commutator is scrapped. We do not have a carbon brush. The life of ordinary brand angle grinders is increased by more than 3 times. More than 400 hours of continuous work.

4. Consumption saving: Under the condition of large load, the brushless speed drop is smaller than that of the brush. The speed drop is caused by frictional resistance, so the consumables are saved. Under heavy load, it ’s like brushless driving at high speed, brushed driving at low speed, and driving at high speed with the same mileage is less likely to waste tires. It is not noticeable under light load conditions. Save 30% than international first-line brand consumables with Hoprio brushless angle grinder now!

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