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A single motor brushless motor controller design the basic steps

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
After the structure of the brushless motor controller, below I give everybody introduction to the basic steps of a single motor design.
basic technical requirements, according to a given rating and basic steps of the single motor design can be summarized as the
1. According to factory production conditions, reference the experiences of past products and manufacturing, to formulate the electromagnetic design and structure design of the program, including identifying the main size, electromagnetic load selected, decided to insulation level, considering structure outline, arrange ventilation air way and the use of other relevant data.
2. Selected main materials and their specifications and indicators, including insulation materials, hard magnetic materials, magnetic materials and conductive materials, etc.
3. Electromagnetic design, calculation on various performance, size and motor parts necessary to local adjustment or scheme comparison, finally selected various performance indexes of them more reasonable solution
4. For structural design and mechanical strength calculation, draw the motor pattern of a complete set of
5. Sketches, structure in that it is needed for ventilation and temperature rise calculation.

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