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A brush motor controller works or brushless motor controller to use? How do you say to see motor controller factory

by:Hoprio     2020-07-20

'a brush motor controller works or brushless motor controller to use? ”; 'Have a motor controller and the respective characteristics and service functions of the brushless motor controller is what'? Do you have such doubt? Still not understand? Well, look at the motor controller factory how to say: have a motor controller and the brushless motor controller has a lot of difference, can be seen from the name on the motor controller the carbon brush, brushless motor controller without carbon brush. On the principle: brush motor controller, controller adopts mechanical commutator brush motor, magnetic pole, the coil rotation. Motor controller is working, coil and the commutator rotating, magnetic steel and carbon brush don't turn, is the direction of the coil current changes with the motor controller phase switcher and a brush. Electronic commutation brushless motor controller is adopted to coil, magnetic rotation. Brushless motor controller, is to use a set of electronic equipment, through the hall element, feel the location of the permanent magnet poles, according to this perspective, the use of electronic circuit, timely switch the direction of the current in the coil, guarantee of the right direction of magnetic force, to drive the motor controller. On development: a motor controller is a traditional product, the performance is stable. Brushless motor controller is to upgrade the product, the live performance is better than a brush motor controller. But the control circuit is more complex, the aging of the components of screening more strict. Although the long life motor controller control circuit is easy to go wrong. So choose brushless motor controller should pass the strict reliability test to ensure quality. , but as the technology continuously upgrade steps, brushless motor controller technology already quite mature. In the process of practical production, brushless dc motor controller is due to the high speed motor controller, gear tooth is small, easy to wear and tear, but strength is big, strong climbing ability. The brushless dc motor controller, in use process saves two or three years in exchange for carbon brush. But the process in the control of the brushless motor controller, requires very high accuracy. Moreover, the price of the brushless motor controller controller is higher also. Although compared with brush dc motor controller to replace carbon brush, but to replace carbon brush is very easy, and the motor controller is relatively simple, the control of the motor controller smooth operation, high safety coefficient. We take a look at the following a motor controller and the comparison of the brushless motor controller is life: brushless motor controller: can work continuously for 20000 hours or so, the service life of conventional 7 - For 10 years. A brush motor controller: can work continuously for 5000 hours or so, the service life of the conventional 2 - For three years. 3, use effect: brushless motor controller: in a 90 - 95 m/s high speed operation, actual effect can reach 5 - 7 s time for drying hands. Have a motor controller: the speed and time to dry hands is far lower than the brushless motor controller. 4, energy-saving aspects: relatively, brushless motor controller of the power consumption is only 1/3 of the carbon brush. 5, noise and service life of the motor controller the noise made by the much higher than the brushless motor controller, and as the future of carbon brush wear, motor controller the noise will be more and more big, the brushless motor controller will not be affected. 6, has motor controller wear after the maintenance in the future, not only to replace carbon brush, also changing the motor controller peripheral accessories, such as turning gear to a much higher cost. The most important is, it will affect the function of the whole. By contrast, in general, the use of the brushless motor controller using performance than brush motor controller has more advantages, we can according to use demand to choose the appropriate motor controller or the brushless motor controller is used. For brushless motor controller have not understand, can focus on specializing in the production of brushless motor controller manufacturers - - - Electrical and mechanical, technical support hotline 13326768788
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