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What is the micro geared dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

what is the micro geared dc motor controller? Below to everyone about the mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. Mechanical and electrical supply brushless dc motor controller, and can be referred to as micro geared dc motor controller, because the 'mini' refers to the brushless motor controller on the shape size is relatively small. The fact is that the volume of a brushless motor controller is relatively small, such as compared with the brushless dc motor controller, 1/3 of the brushless motor controller is its size. The 'gear' refers to the brushless motor controller structure of gear transmission structure, because the gear motor controller in the industry, in addition to the gear transmission structure, and worm gear and worm structure, cycloidal pinwheel structure, structure of planetary gear, etc. 'Dc' is a power supply voltage is driven dc brushless motor controller. So, small size, simple structure, low pressure model of brushless dc motor controller is also called the micro geared dc motor controller. Now more and more friends like search on the Internet micro geared dc motor controller to purchase and use, do not prevent attention brand of brushless dc motor controller. Supply dc brushless motor controller series with optical axis motor controller, motor controller with gear speed reducer, or with worm gear and worm reducer and planetary reducer, such as different types, different styles, can customize the motor speed controller 1500 - 8000 turn, brushless motor controller power by the power of 10 w to high power 3 kw, reducer is optional, corresponding actuator governor. Welcome to choose and brushless dc motor controller, the miniature dc motor controller, geared motor controller, a telephone 15118744777 Pan Gong, url WWW. tcmotor。 com
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