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What is the maximum power 12 v dc motor controller?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

12 v dc motor controller is maximum power? Users often have consulting mechanical and electrical equipment factory workers 'what is the maximum power 12 v dc motor controller'. Actually, both dc motor controller and ac motor controller, the voltage and power are corresponding, such as motor controller of brushless dc motor controller, when the motor controller is selected 12 v voltage, the power of the motor controller should generally within the 750 w, when it comes to these, must carry the parameters associated with motor controller, such as voltage, power, and the relationship between the electric current. Motor controller for the power to choose, because of the large power motor controller, motor current controller will also increase, so also should choose larger voltage to avoid damage caused by excessive current motor controller. So the 12 v dc motor controller within the maximum power of 750 w should be selected. On the other hand, the voltage is 1000 w, for example, requires such as 36 v, 48 v, 72 v, such as relative larger voltage, on the other hand, the increasing voltage, dc motor controller chooses the power of motor controller should also be relatively large.
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