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What is a brushless dc motor controller? What is the advantage of brushless dc motor controller?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-17

in recent period of time, the brushless dc motor controller rush into various industries, become the most popular of the motor controller industry one of the motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller is how to lift the boom? Brushless dc motor controller without brush and commutator, the brushless motor controller of main body and brushless drive, is a typical mechatronics product. As a new hot motor controller industry, although the development of brushless dc motor controller in China's history is not long, and prices have motor controller is high, the obvious advantages, but as a result of brushless dc motor controller development momentum is swift and violent, gradually spread, quickly by household appliances, automobiles, ships and machinery and other industries preferred, and a place in various industries. Why can a place brushless motor controller? High price has always been a brushless dc motor controller is controversial, but why brushless dc motor controller can short time internal motor controller market a place? The answer is very simple, as long as can guarantee the use effect and product quality can attract the consumers. Such as apple's electronic products prices are now generally high, the market is still hot, obviously, when quality and price but can only choose one, have the purchasing power of consumers will give priority to use effect. Where is the advantage of the brushless motor controller? Brushless motor controller is what is the good place can attract the consumers, and form a boom? First brushless motor controller geometry of smaller, lighter weight, conforms to the market for light weight, good performance of the design of the product requirements. Second, the use of permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller, rotor coreless loss, so the brushless dc motor controller is more efficient, at the same time, also can reduce the use of permanent magnet motor controller maintenance, prolong the service life of the motor controller. Finally, the brushless dc motor controller is self-control type operation, when the load mutation generate and out-of-step oscillation. Through the use of appropriate transformation algorithm, can improve thermal performance, can achieve better motor controller speed range and response time, made it possible to better electromagnetic isolation, and better torque response. To sum up is: small volume, light weight, long life, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, no spark, high safety, good stability and strong adaptability, simple repair and maintenance. With high performance, countries have accelerated the speed of brushless dc motor controller products and occupy the market. A Japanese company has been successfully applied to brushless dc motor controller digital camera, the miniature tape recorder, video camera, printer, mobile storage, mobile phones and automotive air conditioning, vacuum cleaners, electric cars, the heart pumps, etc. Brushless dc products at the present stage in China is still in a high-speed development of the process of development, believes that the mainstream product development also soon be able to catch up with foreign advanced technology products.
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