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What are the types of dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-26
Everyone should know something about dc motor controller. Because a lot of places in life has its shadow. Below small make up take you understand the types of dc motor controller. There are two types of dc motor controller is usually divided into: dc generator and dc motor controller. The dc generator controller is the mechanical energy into direct current (dc) can by way of transformation. Mainly in the electrolysis, electroplating, electroforming, charging and alternator used in controller of excitation power supply etc. Dc motor is to convert direct current (dc) can pass way into mechanical energy. Through its stator magnetic field, its winding currents, and the use of commutator, ensure the rotor current and the magnetic field generated by the torque will not change. Above all, do you know about the types of dc motor controller is some.
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