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What are the advantages and disadvantages the servo motor controller?

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

servo motor controller: the advantages of: 1, the precision achieved e68a84e8a2ad7a6431333431346437 position, speed and torque of the closed loop control; Overcome the problem of step motor controller is out of step. 2, rotational speed, high speed performance is good, generally rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 RPM; 3, adaptability, resistance to overload ability is strong, can bear the load of three times the rated torque, rapid start to have instant load fluctuation and requirement of special applicable occasions; 4, stability, low speed running smoothly, won't produce during low speed running step is similar to the stepper motor controller run phenomenon. Suitable for high speed response to the requirements of the occasion; 5, timeliness: motor controller of the deceleration time is short, usually within a few milliseconds; 6, comfort: fever and noise is decreased obviously. Servo motor controller faults: servo motor controller can be used in water or oil droplets into the place, but it is not completely waterproof or oil. Therefore, servo motor controller should not be placed or used in the water or oil contamination of environment.
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