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We sincerely invite you to: Shanghai 2016 Munich electronics show!

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
The motor controller will be on March 15, 2016 - 17 participated in Munich electronics show in Shanghai, namely the 15th international exhibition of electronic components, systems and applications. The exhibition was held at Shanghai new international expo center, booth number is E3 - 3927, welcome the masses of customers come to visit the guidance.

the motor controller, has greatly enriched the brushless motor controller series products, from the beginning of 12 major series brushless motor is expanded to 21 series at present, the application is more comprehensive, covering the smart appliances, new energy automotive parts, medical care, communications equipment, business equipment, industrial equipment, robots, and many other industries, at the same time can provide customers with brushless motor controller, drive gear and drive control of a full range of solutions, can better serve the broad masses of customers.

I hope to visit friends, you can call or E-mail contact us, we will send you the invitation card for you. Contact: 400 0755 - 631年,sales@hengdrive。 com.
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