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Warmly celebrate city motor controller co. , LTD. , joint-stock companies a complete success!

by:Hoprio     2020-08-09
After five years of development, the city motor controller co. , LTD. , in 2016 successfully completed shareholding system reform, new three board audit by city, is now officially changed its name to the city motor controller co. , LTD.

focus on the development of high efficiency and energy saving green power products & ndash; Brushless dc motor controller series products, and provides the necessary control scheme, with the core technology patent internal drive and so on more than 10 products. The first domestic design and manufacture according to the general principles of standards as a whole series of brushless dc motor controller of the company, five years motor controller has been successfully developed brushless motor controller, brushless speed controllers, brushless fan series, a total of 20 thousands of products, with high efficiency, low noise, low electromagnetic interference EMI, long life, high reliability, low cost and technical advantages of simple and easy to use, and a servo control, position signal output, positive &negative, stepless frequency control of motor speed, stop position, temperature protection, locked-rotor protection, the technical features of the large current protection. Widely used in household appliances, auto parts, medical equipment, office automation, business equipment, industrial equipment, personal care, and many other industries.

brushless motor controller represents the micro-motor controller application and the trend of development, in line with the global energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon policy guidance, is being global, adopted by most developed countries and regions, in particular, to replace the traditional high energy consumption of the motor controller. Goal is to build the world famous enterprise brand brushless motor controller, the technical standards for the brushless motor controller, and lead the market application guidance, building industry flagship of the move towards the world!
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