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Using RS - brushless motor controller 485 communication matters needing attention

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

use RS - brushless motor controller 485 communication matters needing attention with the continuous development of brushless motor controller technology development, more and more functions have been developed. Especially the brushless motor controller drives the control mode of the block, support communication protocol has become the common function of the brushless motor controller, in the process of the servo motor controller is increasingly closer. Today with everyone together to explore the brushless motor controller using RS - 485 communication matters needing attention. In the use of brushless motor controller driver and PC communication must meet the following conditions: 1 line properly connected 2 communication protocol parameters should agree 3 address should be consistent ( There are 485 address selection) on the drive 4 send format and data must be correct in the above four conditions, then carries on the detailed operation, operation in detail I want to pass an instance to illustrate. Instance: 485 communication let the brushless motor controller is turned, the speed is 1000 RPM, first of all, to make motor controller turns up, at least three instructions, first: to set the RS - Function effectively (485 Only when set 485 function effectively to control motor speed controller, forward, inversion, brake, can make) , drive the default is 485 function is invalid, and won't drop electricity storage, electricity every time must be set to 485 (effective Don't repeat setting) after electricity set on ; Second: to set the brushless motor controller speed 1000 r/min. Note: all data for hexadecimal to send, when need brushless motor controller running at a speed of 1000 r/min, then put 1000 into the system of 16 1000 decimal ( 3 e8) Send it again. Added: when setting speed and actual speed inconsistencies, 1 check the power supply, if be 48 v motor control with 24 v power supply that speed to reach the highest speed 2 check whether the logarithmic set of poles and motor drive controller of magnetic pole logarithmic consistent third brushless motor controller is transfer instructions. Added: three instruction not hair at the same time be delayed around 30 ms. Believe that through the above instance to use RS - brushless motor controller 485 communications have a general understanding of the matters needing attention, brushless motor controller in the use of RS - of course 485 communication will appear more problems, these are all going through practical application, if you want to know about the brushless motor controller using RS - 485 communication note, please pay attention to the brushless motor controller) [ www。 tcmotor。 com]
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