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Type planetary gear reducer pause

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
Reducer has played a central position in the national economy and the left and right sides, it USES the servo motor controller, stepper motor controller and load, by reducing the speed to improve the matching torque, moment of inertia. Planetary reducer, although the price is more expensive, but because of the high precision, free maintenance and so on reasons for more and more widely used, suitable for screen printing equipment, cutting, welding equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, industrial machine hand lithium, semiconductor equipment, electrical equipment, medical equipment, testing machine and all kinds of non-standard equipment, etc. Various kinds of precision automation machinery and equipment. Below small make up will planetary gear motor controller in the use of the advantages in the process of selection and how to explain. Planetary gear reducer advantages: 1. Small volume 2. High precision and general clearance can do under 10 arc), 1 turn 360 degrees, 1 degrees have 60 arc 3. High efficiency, the efficiency of over 95% 4. 5 high output torque. Smooth operation and low noise, typically below 65 db. Some customers beginning with planetary gear reducer, also does not calculate torque, moment of inertia, this will lead to a lot of unnecessary trouble, so it is very necessary for preliminary selection, choose the big waste, choose the small easy to damage, how to choose the right? What is this relationship to your load structure, ball screw, rack structure or pulley drive? All these need through calculation and practice. Explain how planetary reducer motor controller below small make up selection: 1, should choose to match the motor controller installed flange of the planetary gear reducer, motor controller are classified according to installation of flange, such as: servo motor controller is divided into 40 series, 60 series, 80 series, 110 series, 130 series, 150 series, 180 series, etc. ; Stepping motor controller is divided into 42, 57, 86 series, 110 series, 130 series, such as planetary reducer is according to the installation of flange to order models, so the 400 w60 series servo motor controller or 57 stepper motor controller is usually with 60 series of planetary gear reducer; 750 w80 series of servo motor controller or 86 of the stepping motor controller is generally 80 series of planetary reducer. Reduction ratio: 2, specific reduction ratio is equipment manufacturers according to their own requirements to determine. The planetary gear reducer is generally divided into three level, also have a factory only grade 2, grade 1 deceleration general under 20; 2 reduction in 20 - 100, 3 reduction in 100 above, the higher the series, the more expensive, the greater the gap. 3, determine the input and output form of reducer: input, input and input shaft hole; Output, output shaft, such as output, the output flange hole 4, the appearance of reducer: a round and a square reducer, reducer, because of the large square rated output torque than circular and production process more complicated than the circular, square reducer more expensive than the round. In addition, if you still don't know how to type, directly tell reducer home you need to use the motor controller model, need reduction ratio, input/output form, the need is round or square? Reducer output requirements? Reducer home will help your selection, if no special requirements, in accordance with the standards of the manufacturer to do it.
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