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TROY motor DBS series in Taiwan

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
Taiwan TROY motor DBS series:

1, input/output signal contact, can be directly with the programmable controller ( PLC) The I/O contact connection control
2250 ~ 3000 RPM speed range, the motor torque output ( 平转矩)
3, be momentarily brake to stop, is/reverse, natural stop, internal/external set switching, slow slow start/stop function such as
4, brake stops has the effects of electric keep

no carbon brush, maintenance-free, simple operation, easy control,

low temperature rise, high efficiency, province electricity energy

high response, low vibration, high speed and low speed torque constant

low speed rate of change, high speed and output torque constant

the motor is small in size, large output, save space

to DC power control for the transmission of occasions. All kinds of biochemical/equipment, drill bit to grind machine, or to the automatic control of a DC power supply industry & hellip; … Such as applicable
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