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TROY features include which points of the drive

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
TROY drive models: DC9B12OP - 2 DB120 - 2 9BO75P- 2 DBO75- 2 6 b040p - 2 DB040 - 2 6 b020p - 2 DB020 - 1 DB020 - 2 9 b090p - 2N SBD090- 2 UBD090 - 2 9 b060p - 2 n SBD060 - 2 UBD060 - 2 6 b040p - 2 n SBD040 - 2 UBD040 - 2 6 b020p - 2 n SBD020 - 2 UBD020 - 2 6 dbs020p - DNB07134 - 01 C07134- Brand: 01

country of origin: Taiwan

minimum order: unlimited

payment: cod

delivery time: ten days

unit price: Taiwan imports the most advantage price

the inner packing: carton loss prevention packaging


power rating 0. 2 - 12 ( 千瓦) DC24 - rated voltage AC110 - 220 v ( V) 0 - rated speed 6000 ( rpm) Brushless dc motor itself has no carbon brush, no abrasion problem of maintenance, stable high torque output at low speed, can do instant positive &negative; The same horsepower output volume is half of general motors, and does not occupy a space; In the long run dismount nor hot, high efficiency to save power. Revolutionary new product, the speed control of a new weapon.

point products,

s smooth torque output, good running stability

s motor can instantly positive &negative

s slow speed adjustable/slow slow time

s the brake function

s low noise, long life

s long time using the motor without hot

s small size, low power consumption, high efficiency,

s speed rate of change is extremely low

s internal/external speed adjustment choose

s optional external speed is controlled by a variable resistor or voltage

s low cost, convenient operation optimum substitute field

s conveyor equipment

s winding drive equipment

s medical electric bed

s electric car instead of walking

s roller transmission equipment

s electric blender

s packing machine

s label printing press

s hydraulic pump equipment

s air conditioning indoor machine

s cutting machine

s electric door
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