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Trend of brushless dc motor controller is widely used, brushless motor controller shipments grew fast

by:Hoprio     2020-07-15

as a manufacturing power in our country, the demand for large motor controller, controller of brushless dc motor adopts is in multiple industries, pushing, it also makes many semiconductor manufacturers at home and abroad to see the opportunity. Since 2010, the brushless dc motor controller, 刷) Industry revenues in successive years increases, 2016 in 189. 200 million yuan, rose 22. 3%, the brushless dc motor controller ( 刷) The market prospect is quite optimistic, the size of the market will be further expanded. BLDC is ac asynchronous motor controller with high efficiency motors, torque, torque ripple is small, long service life. Efficient brushless dc motor controller is an important indicator of BLDC motor controller is compared with the traditional controller, motors BLDC efficiency can reach more than 80%, motors and motor controller the carbon brush need maintenance. Low voltage brushless dc motor controller is miniaturization, integration, drive integration will be the future market trend, especially in some industries have higher request for the production efficiency, small integration of brushless motor controller instead of stepper motor controller and a motor controller the application will be a big trend. Although, the brushless dc motor controller ( 刷) Prices have brush motor controller, but obvious advantages, such as high performance, long service life, motor controller market with a brushless dc motor, ac motor controller controller is widely used as the main pattern, is broken by brushless dc motor controller into the bureau. Because of the wide application of brushless dc motor controller, brushless motor controller shipments grew fast. Welcome to purchase brand brushless dc motor controller.
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