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The United States successfully developed global minimum nano motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
According to foreign media reports, recently the big Texas discipline of a research team of institute of project of Craig's developed the world's smallest, fastest, the longest duration of nano motor controller.

the research team, said the nano motor controller is only about one over five hundred of the average grain size, small to can even be placed in cells. In addition to small, the nano motor controller also can continually rotate at a speed of 18000 RPM 15 hours to know such a rotation speed but with jet engines. And compared with the nano motor controller, the other similar products the rotational speed of not more than 5000 revolutions per minute. Now the nano motor controller was completed in the abiotic environment of design, assembly and testing work, the future is expected to be used for near the cells release drugs, such as release insulin in diabetes patients, in addition can also be used to without harming healthy cells under the condition of realization of targeted therapy of cancer cells.
the team director EmmaFan, said professor by adjusting the rotational speed of nano motor controller can realize the control of drug release rate, the faster the speed much sooner release drugs, which means that the nano motor controller for the first time in nanoscale particles on the surface of controlled drug release, and it will also give a spread of drugs and cell communication research.
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