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The protection of the dc servo motor controller including what content?

by:Hoprio     2020-08-04
The protection of the dc servo motor controller is mainly refers to in the process of using the motor controller, need to pay attention to the motor controller working environment. Including temperature, humidity, dust and other factors. The correct use of motor controller, can prolong the service life of the motor controller, at the same time greatly reduce the failure probability of the motor controller. The protection of the dc servo motor controller including what content? Mainly includes: 1. Working temperature: 0 40 degrees Celsius. The motor controller working workshop or indoor temperature. If the temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius, should make by using the method of external cooling temperature is in normal working range. In the instruction manual, all data on the motor controller ( Power, torque, etc. ) All is in the measured data of working temperature is 20 degrees centigrade. 2. Humidity: less than or equal to 80% RH. 3. Vibration: installed on the machine tool motor controller, which can withstand the shock is 5 g. 4. Protection grade: FANUC series motor controller of single motor controller reaches IP65 ( IEC standards) ( Except with a fan motor controller) 。 But the protection grade data is in the process of using the motor controller to change. Therefore, in use, need to pay attention to the following: 1) Don't protect the motor controller under cutting fluid or cutting oil. 2) To avoid cutting oil or cutting fluid along the motor power line into the motor controller connection part of the controller. Note: working in extreme environment, in order to avoid greater erosion and damage of the motor controller motor controller, please make sure to do a good job of protecting the motor controller. Some special machine tools, such as: gear machine, grinding machine, etc. , if you can't protect motor controller, please select a higher degree of protection of motor controller, such as IP67 ( IEC standards) Levels of servo motor controller.
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