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The proper use of dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-27
Dc motor controller internal fittings is more precise, if error in use, then trigger changes in the direction of the electromagnetic field and cause an effect to use. So how to correctly use dc motor controller? 1. Before use, dc motor controller to the dust, and to wipe out, ensure that won't because foreign influence its operations, especially the miniature dc motor controller. 2. Choose good work address, different dc motor controller is different to the work environment. Such as miniature dc motor controller requires that there can be no magnetic field around the work, foreign bodies, such as interference. 3. Understanding of the specifications of the dc motor controller, do some experiments before use, to make sure all the parts of the dc motor controller temperature, noise, shock, and so on and so forth. Above is about how to correctly use dc motor controller, you know?
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