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The motor controller has been in Hong Kong for spring electronics show

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
Early on April 12, 2014, motor controller participating team is to Hong Kong to prepare tomorrow formally conducted by the Hong Kong electronics fair (spring, 2014. After a day of preparation, the booth has been finished, the sample color plates, etc have also been in place, waiting for your customer's visit. The booth no. : 5 e - D16.

Hong Kong electronics fair (spring all called & other; Hong Kong spring electronics show & throughout; , sponsored by the Hong Kong trade development council, is Asia's most popular and authority of consumer electronics, has successfully hosted the 10 to 2013 years, the exhibition to display the most novel from global buyers, top electronic products, merchants set up good trade platform for all over the world, and promote the business with all over the world and the development of electronic industry. Spring electronics show in 2013 in Hong Kong from 2600 companies in 27 countries and areas of the world exhibition, exhibition area of 65923 square meters. The exhibition during the four days, attracted professional audience of 57599 people from 150 countries and regions attended the event.

the exhibition held on for this year - April 13 On April 16, at the Hong Kong convention and exhibition center. Motor controller for the first time to attend the show, is also a test, hope to have good gains!
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