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The motor controller 2015 Hong Kong electronics fair (spring new appearance

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
15th 2015, the Hong Kong electronics fair (spring has started, the exhibition time is April 13 - 16, is Hong Kong convention and exhibition center, the booth of motor controller is 5 # hall 5 e - D16, welcome the masses of friends and customers to understand the brushless motor controller product application products and projects.

the motor controller to watch the show: read
a: brushless motor controller new
r&d expectations, 24 mm miniature exterior rotor brushless motor controller, 80 mm flat smuggled brushless motor, 42 mm high speed rotor brushless motor controller, and 60 mm high torque low speed brushless direct-drive motor have been developed and has been put into production, it will show more customers friend. Read

2: market popular application products dedicated brushless motor controller specification
follow the market trend, introduced the air purifier brushless motor, refrigerator condenser brushless fan, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer brushless motor, brushless motor controller oxygenerator brushless motor, a total of 22 popular products such as special brushless motor controller specifications, household appliances, auto parts, personal care, medical and industrial and commercial equipment has the corresponding specifications, welcome everybody to come to consult.

the following is a motor controller the booth map, as well as Hong Kong exhibition pavilion map of Hong Kong subway map, hope to help friends.
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