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The market application of brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, audiovisual products & other; Small, light, thin & throughout; And home appliance products mute as well as the increased demand for luxury cars, growing demand for small motor controller, thus rapidly increasing demand for brushless dc motor controller. Brushless dc motor control USES electronic commutation to replace the brush and commutator, has the high reliability, high efficiency, the advantages of long service life, convenient speed regulation. In response to market development, research and development of motor controller introduced B24, B36, B42, D22, series of brushless motor controller, its application field can be divided into:
1. Information processing equipment with motor controller: information processing equipment including information input, storage, processing, output, transfer, in a microcomputer, floppy disk drive, hard disk drives, cd-rom drives, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, cell phones, etc.
2. Audio-visual equipment with motor controller: the tape recorder, audio system, record player, car audio, walkman, CD player, video recorder, camera, record player, digital laser DVD disc type and a variety of camera equipment such as
3. For vehicle motor controller: the engine cooling fan motor controllers, air conditioner motor controller, DVD motor controller, window-adjusting motor controller, locks controller, the oil pump motor controller, wiper motor controller, seat motor controller and so on.
4。 Robot with a motor controller: industrial robots, the family doctor, take care of the disabled robots, robot help rehabilitation robot, cleaning robot, massage robot, demining robots, demining robots, etc.
5. Console with a motor controller: all kinds of games
6. Beauty appliances products with motor controller: electric razors, haircut knife. this, hair dryer, shear wool implement, electric toothbrush, massage type cleaning machine, ultrasonic washing machine, etc.
7. Home appliances with motor controller: air conditioner, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, freezer, air clean machines, electric fans, dryer, electric heating furnace, etc.
8. Health care appliances with motor controller: electronic sphygmomanometer, back massager, massage chair, calf massager, electronic massager, running machine, etc.
9. Hutch defends electric products with motor controller: water heater, dishwasher, lampblack machine, broken bones, soybean milk machine, egg machine, disinfection cabinet, bread machine, juicer, light wave machine, microwave oven, etc. , with automatic flush toilet, toilet electric massage chair, exhaust fan, hair dryer, with the mirror of the wiper, foot massager, etc. , if you need more detailed information, please visit the company website: http://www. hengdrive。 Com or email to: the sales @ hengdrive. com 800 x600


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