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The factors of the electromechanical share option high-speed motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-16

mechanical and talk about what is high speed motor controller? Choose, what is the factor of high-speed motor controller? High speed motor controller is usually refers to the speed of more than 10000 r/min motor controller. They have the following advantages: one is due to their high speed, high power density, so the motor controller and power volume is far less than the ordinary motor controller, can effectively save material. 2 it is can be connected to the prime mover, cancelled the traditional retarding mechanism, high transmission efficiency, low noise. Three is due to the high speed motor controller the moment of inertia is small, so the dynamic response is fast. Then we'll look at why the factors of high-speed motor controller. 1, the deceleration can better meet the requirement of low speed performance; 2, high control precision, high speed motor controller also 10 r/min to 10000 r/min speed error of high-speed motor controller error is 0. 1%, to 100 r/min high-speed motor controller error is 10%; 3, easy to make, the volume is relatively small, the price is relatively low; 4, small operation affected by the load changes, the same size of the load change, of low-speed motor controller is a direct effect on the motor controller, and for high speed motor controller after N times to slow down, force is only 1 / N. With appearance of new materials, the processing technology of continuous improvement, technology will move forward faster. High-speed motor controller is slowly spread, so they need through the reduction gear reducer after high torque output power, so the noise is bigger than noise relatively low-speed motor controller. High speed than the low speed motor controller complex production process, the cost is high, when the choose and buy, don't cry because it is the motor controller sound bigger and choose wrong. Brushless motor controller is a novel with a high speed, small volume, fast dynamic response, energy efficient and environmentally friendly high speed motor controller. Mechanical and electrical is specialized manufacturer of series of dc brushless motor controller, a business needs of the industry friends, welcome to focus on the mechanical and electrical, contact hotline: 15118744777 Pan Gong, enterprise website WWW. tcmotor。 com
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