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The development of Chinese electric market situation analysis

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
Inverter is a kind of high technology content, high value-added, high benefit return high-tech product, accord with national industrial development policy. Frequency converter after high speed growth in 2007, in 2008, the development trend of the market become more subtle, most suppliers are the expression of the effect of macroeconomic regulation and control over the market. In the second half of 2007, the state began tightening monetary policy, leading to a part of the user enterprise financial strain, thus affecting parts manufacturers collection appear some difficulties. In 2008, wenzhou private collect money at high interest rates of news has been heard. Tightening monetary policy at first, only affect collection, at that time are mainly distributors. When the shortage of the funds began to affect the user enterprise investment and production, is really began to weaken the demand of the market, then the supplier really hurt. Austerity mainly to OEM, small and medium enterprises impact, and large enterprises are relatively less pressure of funds, so the corresponding to the low voltage frequency converter market, OEM, small and medium enterprises as the main target customers of suppliers were hit more, especially Japanese enterprises and domestic inverter brand. The appreciation of the renminbi, the appreciation of the renminbi is 2008, the dollar has exceeding RMB 7, directly affect the export of Chinese machinery industry, especially for some export-led industries in particular. So the appreciation of the renminbi will mainly to pressure on the OEM business for the export market, corresponding to the low voltage frequency converter market, to the enterprise as the goal customer supplier under a certain impact. Industry regulation and affected by national macroeconomic regulation and control, direct investment in industry was suppressed, a direct impact on industry applications including frequency converter, PLC, HMI, and other automation products. In 2007 China's large PLC market basic flat, almost no growth, mainly affected by the metallurgical industry regulation lower investment. The industry regulation is mainly affect national basic industries, corresponding to the low voltage frequency converter, mainly affect the application of project market, such as metallurgy, electric power, oil and gas, chemical industry, etc.
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