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The design step of brushless dc motor of the series of products

by:Hoprio     2020-08-08
Understand the basic design of a single motor steps, or by I give everybody introduction to series of products under the design steps.
to the design of the series motor, in addition to each motor to a single motor design work, also need to consider the following questions: another
1. Determine the power level and base center high corresponding relation. When the power level is determined, if a high stand center size corresponds to the power level too much, although can reduce motor manufacturing process equipment and making it easy for users to install and use. But can cause electromagnetic design is not reasonable, material can't make full use of. Therefore, the design should consider the entire series of technical and economic indicators, in the design process is often the need for calculation and comparison of the schemes.
2。 Strengthen the parts standardization, seriation and generalization. Should try to use standard parts and standard parts, the structure of the standard size.
3。 Consider the possibility of derived series. In the basic series design, should leave room for the derived series as far as possible.
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