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The current status of application of the dc servo motor controller in the manufacturing and advantage

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Our country is a manufacturing power, numerical control machine tool industry get rapid development, the nc machine tool for the high machining accuracy, high efficiency, high flexible and adapt to the medium and small batch production and the advantages of more and more widely used, which is connected CNC system CNC servo system and nc machine tools a key part of the host. Servo system of the driving element is mainly composed of stepping motor controller and a variety of servo motor controller. Along with our country gradually from manufacturing power to manufacturing powerhouse, is more and more high to the requirement of the machine tool industry, also to the requirement of the control system of servo system is bound to need more accurate more simple operation and reliable servo motor controller to maintain the operation of the machine tool, cost savings, low energy consumption, easy operation. Can be divided into ac and dc servo motor controller, controller including stator and the rotor iron core, the dc servo motor commutator rotor motor controller, servo motor controller winding controller, servo motor, speed motor controller windings, motor speed controller, commutator of the rotor iron core by an laminations of overlying fixed on the rotor motor controller. The speed of dc motor controller has good control characteristics, could have the whole local smooth control speed, almost no vibration, high efficiency, no fever. The characteristics of ac motor controller is relatively soft, after reaching the rated torque, if the load torque increase, it is easy to cause sudden stall. But dc motor has a rapid response, large starting torque, rotating speed of from zero to rated speed can provide the rated torque performance. Although there is no carbon brush and commutator, ac motor controller is a maintenance free, strong, wide application, but if you want to achieve the equivalent of dc motor controller according to the characteristic of performance must use complex control technology to achieve. Nowadays the rapid development of the semiconductor component switching power frequency to speed up the many, improve the performance of the drive motor controller. Therefore, in the speed of microprocessor and special chip also faster and faster, under the condition of dc motor will be at home and abroad of the rapid development of the market will have more. Dc servo motor controller is important of the robot, mechanical and electrical system and the model aircraft actuator. Dc servo motor controller controller for the servo motor controller provides necessary energy and control signals. Through single chip microcomputer to track controller of dc servo motor control, can realize high precision control. The design of dc servo motor driver circuit of controller and application in the mechanical arm in the operation process, reflecting the dc servo motor controller of high value and significance.
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