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The current state of development of the micro motor controller in China

by:Hoprio     2020-08-06
A, micro motor controller development trend in the next 10 years.

as industrial machinery and equipment, electrical appliances, automobiles, motorcycles and office OA equipment and communication products such as important components, micro-motor controller is expected in the next 10 years to focus on the development of products are: ac micro-motor controller and frequency conversion control technology; Brushless motor controller and control technology; Permanent magnet ac servo motor and control system; Stepper motor and drive control technology; Linear motor and drive control technology; Development and application technology of ultrasonic motor controller. From the perspective of the position of micro motor controller enterprise distribution, market demand and the coastal areas of export advantage enterprises is especially rapid development; Most of the enterprises concentrated in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and bohai rim region.

2, China motor controller manufacturing enterprises equipment automation needs to be improved.

domestic motor controller technology and quality enhances unceasingly, makes the domestic motor controller on the ratio of the superiority of some international brands is higher than that in can, attracted a large number of overseas orders; In addition, some developed countries of the traditional motor controller companies no longer produces its own controller, instead they are imported from abroad motor controller, it also bring enormous business opportunities to China; Again the brics international has been developing rapidly in recent years, their infrastructure construction and the rapid development of the related manufacturing formed a large demand for motor controller products, also promote our country's large and medium-sized motor controller products exports, China is likely to become the world's future motor controller factory. Increasing orders forced domestic enterprises and strive to improve
production capacity to ensure product quality and reduce cost, so that in the international market with stronger competitiveness. But at the current situation, domestic manufacturer manufacturing equipment and technology in the motor controller, cannot be compared with the international first-class manufacturers.

3, the difficulties in the promotion of high efficiency and energy saving motor controller.

as the source of energy consumption, high efficiency and energy saving motor controller can drive the compressor, water pump, fan and other equipment to improve energy efficiency level, thus improve the whole efficiency of the equipment manufacturing industry, its popularization and application has become the trend of The Times. However, high efficiency and energy saving motor controller promotion was not all plain sailing. Domestic currently highly efficient motor controller of the market share of only 2%, compared with the old motor controller is much higher prices for many customers, and get the energy-saving subsidies must provide documents involving business confidential documents, relatively tedious formalities also turned off most enterprises. Although the technical level, high efficiency and energy saving motor controller can have consistent with the world in our country, but the specific application of the promotion, will also face enormous challenges.
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