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The blessings of family from the motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-05
In may on this beautiful, beautiful flowers, willows graceful, passion and mountains, blue water everywhere wheatgrass impregnation. We have more than 20 colleagues birthday motor controller, and here, the motor controller bless the family happy birthday! Motor controller since its establishment, from the beginning of dozens to hundreds of people now, the scale continues to expand, all these are inseparable from the colleagues efforts, thank you for your contribution and effort!

our company research and development production of various types of brushless dc motor controller, more and more recognized by customers, B2418M, B1625M, B2430M, B2838M, B3020S and so on are our best selling products, thanks to the completion of the production department colleagues work overtime production, thanks to the quality department colleagues strictly the quality pass, thanks to all colleagues and heart effort run side by side.

this month, is our birthday month, more than 20 colleagues we motor controller all colleagues wish them a happy birthday, smooth work!
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