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The benefits of brushless dc motor controller is small in size

by:Hoprio     2020-07-21

the permanent magnet brushless dc motor controller is embodied in many high rare earth ndfeb magnetic energy product ( Nd- Fe- B) Materials. As a result, the volume of a brushless dc motor controller is smaller than with the capacity of the motor controller, such as under the same capacity, brushless motor controller is better than three-phase asynchronous motor controller reduces a frame number. Brushless dc motor controller with its wide speed range, small volume, high efficiency and steady speed, low error, etc, show advantage in the field of speed regulation. Brushless dc motor controller volume with the advantages of small capacity of the motor controller can be applied to have strict request for the installation space devices. This near popular AGV car, for example, AGV car as a whole is not big, is the purpose of the research and development of AGV car use, reduce cover an area of an area, production workshop of AGV car can move back and forth to and fro in every workshop. AGV car USES low-frequency guide cable formation of the electromagnetic field and electromagnetic sensing device to guide the operation of the AGV, so it need to drive the motor controller and motor controller and the volume as small as possible, so the brushless dc motor controller was used up. Also, the traditional three-phase asynchronous motor controller and other types of motor controller is not only a big volume, and very heavy. Instruments such as the shuttle because of itself to many, many parts of which calendar for each parts as small as possible. And the birth of the brushless dc motor controller provides a good choice for it. Hospital instrument, military field is the use of transmission equipment, etc. , require small size of the motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller volume with the capacity of motor controller is much smaller. So this is the brushless dc motor controller to win the skill of the traditional motor controller. Brushless dc motor controller volume with the advantages of small capacity of the motor controller in addition to the installation space, and it can support features, such as it can connect mobile power supply is very convenient, domestic and industrial use voltage can be used, from the smallest voltage to 12 V, 24 V, 36 V, 72 V, 110 V, 220 V, 310 V. Such as its speed range is very wide, model aircraft, precision instruments and meters for speed control of motor controller is very strict, some high speed equipment, manufacturing equipment requirements. Brushless motor controller besides itself fixed speed 3000 RPM, you can also turn to lower or higher, or on the basis of the original speed to high speed with the drive. So it can support the speed range is very wide. In addition, from the Angle of advanced, intelligent, it CAN also support 485, CAN communication, position control, custom programming control, etc. Anyhow, brushless dc motor controller is a small size but the function is very powerful mechanical and electrical products, mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD launched many types of brushless motor controller, brushless dc motor controller, brushless motor drive controller, welcome customers to inquire. Motor controller technical problems can be consulting company hole technology, telephone
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