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The basic principle of the dc servo motor and the use of the point

by:Hoprio     2020-08-03
Servo motor is refers to the speed and steering change with the size of the input voltage signal and the direction and control of the motor. The function of the servo motor is the input voltage signal is converted into a shaft angular displacement or angular velocity output servo motor can load of a given size, in the automatic control system for actuators, so also known as the motor. This paper focuses on the basic principle and use of dc servo motor. The basic working principle of the dc servo motor is the same as the general dc motor. Excitation winding is connected to a constant voltage, receiving control signals of the armature winding to accept the control voltage signal, flows the armature winding current, its produce magnetic flux and flux produced by the field winding interact with each other, produce electromagnetic torque, rotating the armature. To change the size of the control voltage signal, can change the speed of the motor, to achieve the purpose of speed control. Dc servo motor use points: (1) magnetic dc servo motor armature control when use, should first turn on the excitation source, and then add the armature voltage. Should avoid as far as possible in the operation of the power field winding, lest cause the armature current is too large and the speed of the motor. (2) choose different forms of armature control power, pay attention to its capacity appropriate allowance shall be maintained. Automatic control system on the performance of the servo motor can profile for the following: ( 1) No rotation phenomenon. Before the control signal to the servo motor rotor motionless; After the control signal to rotor rotating rapidly; Control signal disappears, servo motor rotor shall be immediately stop running. The control signal is zero motor continue to roll phenomenon known as the 'rotation' phenomenon, eliminate the rotation is necessary for automatic control system to work normally. ( 2) Low no-load starting voltage. When no-load motor rotor no matter in any position, started from the stationary state to the minimum control voltage is called continuous operation starting voltage. The smaller the starting voltage, the sensitivity of the motor is higher. ( 3) Mechanical properties and the characteristics of the adjustment good linearity, can smooth steady speed in wide scope. ( 4) The characteristic of fast response. The electrical and mechanical time constant is small, which requires moment of inertia of small servo motor. Motor controller co. , LTD. , headquartered in city, specializing in the production of ac/dc gear motor, small ac motor controller, high precision gear reducer is a joint venture enterprise, product varieties are: induction motor controller, reversible motor controller, the brake motor controller, speed regulating motor controller, brake speed regulating motor controller, torque motor controller, dc motor controller, brushless dc motor controller, a small motor controller and ac/dc speed controller, etc. Company products are widely used in packaging machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, medical machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, advertising equipment, assembly line equipment, the entrance guard system, etc. A sound sales network, to provide customers professional trust of service.
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