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The B3640M of brushless dc motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-08-09
Brushless dc motor controller B3640M is one of the products of motor controller is very mature. This product is 36 mm in diameter, height is 40 mm, so we call it B3640M.
this product is widely applied, the below small make up will give everybody introduction to the typical application of the product:
and home appliances, white goods, small appliances, electric fans, electric curtain
medical equipment, medical, surgical instruments, mixer, pump centrifuge
electric tools: electric screwdriver, electric drill, gas compressor
business equipment: printer, copy machine, projector, ATM machines, vending machines
personal care, hair dryers, electric planer, massager
features: double shift signal function, locking protection, low inertia, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, long life, more than 5000 hours.
many of our customers with our B3640M used in fan, solar electric fan, rechargeable fan, medical treatment, medical equipment, air conditioning, medical pump, cotton-picking machine, no hakaze fan, micro planetary gear reducer, electric curtains, etc.

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