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The advantages of dc motor controller is compared with other motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-28
Compared with other motor controller, dc motor controller has some advantages? 1. Fast response speed. Due to cancelled in the system response time constant of the transmission parts, thus improve the closed loop control system dynamic response performance. 2. High precision. By reducing the screw of mechanical institutions such as transmission clearance and error, and reduce the interpolation motion caused by driving system lags behind the tracking error, so as to improve the positioning precision of the machine tool. 3. With high deceleration. Because of 'zero transmission' fast response, so as to shorten the deceleration process, realize the starting instantly at high speed. 4. Let the stroke length is not restricted, because of using linear motor in series, and allow it to extend the motion stroke. 5. It has advantage of high stiffness, low noise when motion. Above is the advantages of dc motor controller to share, you know.
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