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The advantage of speed brushless motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-18

brushless motor controller speed advantage in the application of automation equipment, the speed regulation of motor controller is a common topic. For the application of speed regulation accuracy is higher, generally can choose ac servo motor controller to achieve. In some low speed applications, generally can choose stepper motor's speed controller. However, along with the development of the technology of brushless dc brushless motor controller control has become an alternative servo motor controller and speed control of step motor controller. So what speed brushless motor controller has the advantage to replace traditional automatic motor controller? Below we discuss together. 1, although there is no encoder, brushless dc motor controller only three hall as a feedback, but with the development of FOC control technology, brushless dc motor controller in the load cases, already can reach the speed rate of change of less than 0. The level of 5%, on the precision of speed regulation, has reached the level of servo motor controller. 2, brushless dc motor controller and brushless dc motor controller drives the formation of the speed control unit, the cost is only about half of the servo motor controller, has obvious advantage on the price. 3, with the development of control technology, the speed control system of brushless motor controller, joined more than the servo motor controller, the control function of the make customers more technical support in the application, and lower cost. 4, compared with traditional ac frequency control of motor speed, speed brushless motor controller of high precision, small unit volume, control mode, there are analog pulse width, frequency control of motor speed, speed control, bus control, such as a variety of ways, at the same time, speed ratio range is much higher than the combination of ac motor controller and frequency converter, but current brushless speed were limited to the scope of small power, the main reason is the production of brushless dc motor controller is given priority to with small power, more than a few thousand W brushless dc motor controller is very big. At least the current domestic situation. Brushless motor controller in the brushless motor controller speed has accumulated years of experience, in the domestic high speed brushless motor controller, in a leading level, the production of the BLD series brushless motor controller, speed controller, the performance is close to Europe and the United States and Japan motor controller is the level of the same products, at the same time in terms of price closer to domestic users demand, brushless motor controller will become a new upsurge in the market.
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