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The advantage of sharing brushless gear motor controller

by:Hoprio     2020-07-29
Wuxi micro-motor controller co. , LTD. And you say today brushless gear motor controller related knowledge. 1. On the design with high precision planetary gear box; 2. Resistance to high temperature can reach 155 degrees, insulation class is F; 3. Choose mute bearing, a longer service life; 4. Selects high magnetic material, it has smaller volume; 5. Gear grinding process, let the gear box running low noise, long service life. 6. Can put all kinds of drive, encoder, etc. , suitable for all kinds of automation equipment application; 7. Can replace imported motor controller to use; 8. In all kinds of balance electric car, robot system, etc. To sum up, everyone know about whether gear brushless motor controller.
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