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The 16th China international hi-tech fair 2014 opened!

by:Hoprio     2020-08-07
The 16th China international hi-tech fair CHTF) Has been developed, and the 21 solstice, on November 16, 2014, 6 days, exhibition location: convention and exhibition center. Motor controller has the exhibition booth number: ZhuanGuan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China ( 5) The city robot production alliance theme zone. Welcome the broad masses of friends to come to the exhibition advisory understanding motor controller related products and development trend!

shenzhen is China's largest and most influential technology exhibition, the exhibition's theme is: insist on innovation drive, speed up the development of green. (low carbon economy and green energy saving has been advocated by, this exhibition will still focus on new energy, new materials, new technology such as energy conservation and environmental protection technologies and industries. Where the exhibition for the robot exhibition. Robot project has developed rapidly in recent years, from theory into practical use, demonstration at present some new and high technology companies are focused on the development and production of robots, there have been some service robots to enter production trial stage. Brushless motor, as a kind of high efficiency and energy saving of the dc motor drive controller, also play an important role in the robot. Some joint parts, internal drive part and even some small robots serval parts, are used to the brushless motor controller. Also hope that through the exhibition, to get more understanding and the cooperation opportunity.
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