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Taiwan TROY motor/motor drives in this paper, the explanation

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
* Taiwan TROY used DC24V power supply into force, there is no safety and voltage problem.

* have the same servo motor torque characteristics, high torque at low speed constant. Variable speed range, high speed stability.

* high efficiency, low temperature rise, save power consumption, save money.

* motor without carbon brush wear, maintenance-free, won't produce dust, interference.

* the function is all ready, have a slow start, slow stop, electronic brake, speed control, internal and external are reverse function.

* 60 w / 100 w with special 9 d - series high strength reducer, maximum permissible torque to 400 KGCM.

brushless DC motor:

and heat-resistant, resistant to moisture, 0~50° C, humidity 85%) largest ;

in the high-speed operation more smooth, more quiet;

volume is exquisite, high efficiency, power saving, low temperature, with high strength and speed reducer.
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