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Taipei international automation industrial exhibition

by:Hoprio     2020-07-24
The 2013 Taipei international automation industry exhibition to luo ~ ~ time: 8/28 ( 3) 8/31 ~ ( 6) AM9:00~PM5:00( 8/31 day to PM4:00 check) Location: Taipei world trade center, nangang exhibition hall ( Taipei's economic and trade south no. 2 a) Traffic information booth number: J118 show booth ( J area entry into the door, the right hand side first) Entry way: by card redemption badge ( Free) Exhibits: AC induction motor series products ( ACInductionmotorseries) DC brushless motor full series of products ( DCBrushlessmotorseries) Stepper motor & middot; Drive & middot; Controller all series products ( Steppingmotor· 司机? Controllerseries) Motor peripheral products, power supply, torque limiter, coupling, etc. ( 配件) The site contains TROY ( Science and technology) SANYODENKI ( Mount the electric) 、SANKYO( Three association) 、KAMO( Add alum seiko) 、ETA、TAMAGAWA( The sichuan) 、MICROSTEP、TOHAN( E. ) east 、HUCO、PERMA- TORK、ORIENTALMOTOR. 。 。 And other famous brand products, each brand all series of static and dynamic machines on display. Squad for over the years the biggest scale, let you be in profit booth once get all sincerely look forward to your visit

technical seminar/course introduces

is mainly in order to apply relevant motor selection method and through technical seminar, let each user can on the motor control control more handy, even also can to common accident problem, by the selection of correct steps and method of use, for each manufacturer to be able to prevent possible accident in advance, and in the accident can effectively comfort at the time of the accident.

does hold way:

1. Large technology seminar - large seminar held annual fixed course content - published, AC motor of new science and technology, step and servo, add alum product - TCG linear guide, ball reducer, such as domestic courses.

2. To factory technical seminar - with vendor employee education training course content - specifications in accordance with the manufacturer USES the other to course content and the actual demand.

does accept way:

1. Online registration form, fill in the registration data and send to

2. Inquire the shuttle: ( 02) 2516 - 6060

does free to sign up and attend

does sg will course is an introduction
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